Flight Operations Services

To help you operate as efficiently as possible, Cambridge provides flight operations services including baggage handling, flight line safety, flight operations, flight scheduling, traffic management, aircraft recovery, fueling, and training. Our expert aviation personnel provide support to help you meet the strictest safety requirements and continually monitor for delays that could impact your overall operation. We provide on-site management, and our highly-trained personnel can bridge any gaps in your team to ensure that your aviation operations are safe, timely, and cost effective.


  • We are experienced with providing a wide range of aviation operations in both military and civilian environments, with an understanding of what is required for each environment.
  • We help you identify and manage operational risks to reduce the occurrence of delays, accidents, and mishaps.
  • We offer expert advisers with a diverse variety of aviation backgrounds, practical knowledge, and management experience.
  • Our aviation advisers can manage the start-up of your aviation activities, provide on-going monitoring of your operations, and give expert advice on safety and efficiency.
  • We provide local experts who speak the local language, backed up by worldwide resources.
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  • Development and review of flight and ground operating procedures
  • Flight planning and weather services
  • Aircraft launch and recovery services
  • Customs support
  • Training support
  • Transient aircraft services including dispatch, aircraft “Follow-me,” “Arrival,” “Processing,” and “Departure” services and inspections, aircraft tow and parking, lavatory services, and maintenance
  • Aircraft refueling/defueling operations
  • Cargo management including load/off-load operations and hazardous cargo handling (HAZMAT)
  • Ground support, safety, and fire suppression equipment operations

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Base Operations Support

Continuous monitoring and on-site management of personnel are required to ensure that flight operations are as safe, timely, and cost…

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