Survivability and Resilience

System continuity and adaptable solutions in a crisis

Cambridge’s technically agile solutions can be deployed when and where our customers need them most. Our systems are resilient and ensure business continuity even in the face of threats, such as cyber-attacks, natural disasters, environmental challenges, and humanitarian crises. We evolve existing systems, implement new technologies, and design infrastructure to increase availability, reliability, strength, safety, security, and survivability. We incorporate controls that detect adverse conditions to facilitate rapid, appropriate responses, remediation, and recovery from incidents. Our forward-thinking design approaches are customized and technically agile. Bigger, expensive, more complex solutions are not always better, but Cambridge never compromises on quality, redundancy, and sustainability. 

Survivability and Resilience Mission Related Capabilities:

  • Critical Infrastructure Design and Enhancement
  • Cybersecurity Support Services
  • Disaster Preparedness Systems Support 
  • Electronic Security Systems Design and Integration 
  • Emergency Management Planning
  • Environmentally Conscious Network and Infrastructure Solutions
  • Mobile Emergency Communication and Command Center Design
  • Operations Command Center Design and Integration 
  • Space Flight Mission Assurance
  • Systems Security Engineering

Case Studies

Explore the latest Cambridge Survivability and Resilience case studies.

Colombian Sustainable Energy Infrastructure

To help our Colombian Partner Nation customers improve their environmental performance and system reliability, Cambridge supplied, installed, and implemented a…

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Caribbean Critical Infrastructure Services

Reliable, continuous network services are critical to mission success across all branches of the military because it enables transmission and…

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