International Operations

Locally informed, culturally aware, worldwide solutions

Cambridge is a truly international company with a global reach that extends across non-state, commercial, and non-profit (NGO) entities. In support of the U.S. and allied nations, we have performed work in more than 60 countries and over 50 percent of our employees are deployed or stationed overseas. Our worldwide engagement provides many advantages. Not only do we bring proven expertise to meet technical requirements, but we also bring an essential understanding of our customers’ geopolitical and funding constraints; regulatory and legal boundaries; and infrastructure challenges. Every Cambridge solution is shaped by our wide-ranging regional knowledge and includes comprehensive and tailored mitigations. We bring a vetted international logistics network; significant expertise with local regulations, customs, and laws; and a proven ability to hire and retain experts in even the most remote locations. No matter the domain or terrain, our approach is the same: Cambridge builds multi-faceted solutions utilizing processes and resources designed to both account for and compliment the local landscape and culture.

International Operations Mission Related Capabilities:

  • Anti-Trafficking Surveillance Solutions
  • Biodiversity Crime Protection
  • Cross-Border Information Sharing
  • Domain Awareness Systems
  • Environmental Crime Protection
  • Global Logistics Services 
  • Humanitarian Assistance Planning
  • Illegal Unregulated International Fishing (IUIF) Targeting and Interdiction Support

Case Studies

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National Air Defense System

Detecting and tracking planes that fly in sovereign airspace is critical to local and international defense against current and emerging…

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Law Enforcement Surveillance System

Monitoring and identifying vessels in the waters of the maritime-protected area and UNESCO heritage site surrounding Cocos Island is critical…

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