Base Operations Support

Continuous monitoring and on-site management of personnel are required to ensure that flight operations are as safe, timely, and cost-effective as possible. Our team of highly trained logistical and operations support personnel are providing hands-on base operations support for a partner nation customer. We work directly with all aviation and ground units on base, providing the services needed to sustain each unit’s mission and operations.

We provide loading support; facilities and aircraft hangar management; grounds maintenance; equipment management and property accountability; logistical support; and cargo loading, unloading, and movement in accordance with our customer’s most critical mission needs. Cambridge’s presence on base has a significant impact on the efficiency of operations, progress of critical missions, and the quality of life for base personnel. As our team continues to implement efficiencies throughout base operations, the customer continues to praise our work, stating that our “high-quality services” and “performance significantly contributes a positive impact on the soldiers’ well-being in order to successfully accomplish their missions.”

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