Cambridge is a trusted partner in some of the most challenging domains imaginable.

Our ability to understand context allows us to deliver intelligent solutions that are the best fit for your needs. We are committed to providing you with the very best services and solutions as we tackle the next generation of global challenges.


In support of U.S. federal civilian agencies, Cambridge implements measurable, results-centric solutions to meet our customers’ needs by building efficiencies, increasing functionality, and enhancing communications all while reducing both project and long-term operating costs. Our customers, which include the Department of Homeland Security, Department of State, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Department of Justice, Department of Commerce, and Department of Health and Human Services, rely on our knowledgeable and skilled team to resolve their issues and improve their ability to serve our citizens. Whether it’s software development, environmental studies, construction, intelligence, or cybersecurity, we apply the right methodologies – including Agile, SCRUM, and Waterfall – along with the right people to deliver successful solutions that support our customers’ missions.


We equip our U.S. defense, intelligence, and allied nations customers with the operationally-focused solutions needed to address current operations and emerging threats. Our support to the Department of Defense, the Combatant Commands, and the intelligence community enhances visibility across organizations and agencies to support strategic decision making and optimize operational readiness. Whether it’s aviation services, technology solutions, surveillance and reconnaissance, or logistics and operation, our solutions support national security, build partner nations’ capacity, and combat persistent threats around the world.

Foreign Affairs

Cambridge supports the U.S. Government’s foreign affairs missions by providing adaptive, flexible solutions to continually support partner nations’ capabilities and capacities. We support our allied nations by combating narcoterrorism, providing capacity-building training around the world, providing hands-on subject matter expert mentorship to enhance partner nations’ defense capabilities, and modernizing air fleets. We provide mission-specific services such as efficient logistics, native-level monitoring and translation services, information operations, aviation fleet maintenance and training, and bolstering partner nations’ maritime surveillance systems. Cambridge is committed to delivering mission-centric solutions for our U.S. diplomacy and partner nation customers.


Cambridge applies our passion and rigor to support our intelligence community customers in protecting national security, combating illicit trafficking, and bolstering partner nation capabilities to strengthen our security posture. Our solutions meet our customers where they are, encompassing our team’s broad capabilities in threat detection and analysis, intelligence gathering and analysis, intelligence training, and processing and dissemination. For over 20 years, we have continually supported these missions around the world in some of the most austere, unstable, and environmentally-challenging locations, from Kabul, Afghanistan; to Pakistan tribal regions; to the remote Philippine Islands; and to the Colombian jungles.

To support these missions, Cambridge mobilizes our technical staff, over 60% of whom are fluent in two or more languages, to provide innovative solutions to meet the intelligence community’s unique mission challenges. We support all phases of intelligence planning and operations and design to deliver solutions tailored to our customers’ current and emerging threats. Cambridge’s experienced intelligence specialists evaluate the unique mission requirements; harvest and process raw intelligence into written, detailed, and actionable packages; provide interdiction and law enforcement support as necessary; and develop longer-term trending analysis and forecasts. Our solutions enhance visibility across organizations and agencies to support strategic decision making and optimize operational readiness in support of the counter-threat mission.

Law Enforcement

Cambridge is a global provider of law enforcement technology-based solutions and advisory and training activities at the strategic, tactical, and operational levels. We support both federal and international law enforcement with a wide range of capabilities including monitoring and detection, identifying and generating leads, performing trend analysis, and creating target packages that enable officials to take counter-threat actions. We provide modernization and sustainment of existing law enforcement systems to optimize operations and design and deploy new tools using the latest software, trend and pattern correlation techniques, and contextual analysis.

Our staff of ethical, seasoned law enforcement professionals bring a unique pluralistic capability to understand the multiple elements of law enforcement. With specialized diplomatic and cultural sensitivities and experience in criminal justice, we can design and administer highly effective training solutions and provide doctrine development.

Collectively, our solutions and training help to protect our nation’s borders, defend our critical infrastructure, advance security to promote prosperity, and create a safer world.

Space and Aviation

Cambridge supports the Department of Defense, NASA, and international customers by providing complex technical space and aviation solutions including aviation operations, logistics, maintenance, and training; cybersecurity for space flight mission assurance; and aerospace maintenance management software systems. We rise to the challenges and develop innovative solutions to optimize results and ensure mission success.

Whether providing subject matter expertise to provide partner nation personnel critical aviation maintenance training, developing cutting-edge software to optimize aviation logistics and operational support, training test pilots, performing comprehensive maintenance and air frame transition programs, or hardening the security posture of the critical technology infrastructure that supports our nation’s space and aviation programs, Cambridge implements a flexible, customer-focused approach to consistently deliver dependable and innovative solutions that save our clients time and money.

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