National Air Defense System

Detecting and tracking planes that fly in sovereign airspace is critical to local and international defense against current and emerging threats. In one of the U.S. Government’s Partner Nations, increased narcoterrorism and criminal activity has created a need for an aerial defense system to combat illegal operations. Cambridge is supporting this critical mission through the design, construction, and integration of an entirely new system.

Cambridge’s solution, which was developed specifically for this geographically-dispersed country, includes new microwave and radio networks, a satellite network with a regional hub and remote sites, and state-of-the-art command and control and data centers. We are also delivering long-range radars, a satellite hub, independent satellite terminals, microwave antennas for data and voice transmission, and an upgrade of the microwave network using fiber optic capability. Our technological support and equipment upgrades will enhance the nation’s ability to monitor their airspace, enable strategic decision making, and optimize operational readiness.

national air defense system image