Rotary and Fixed-Wing Aircraft Maintenance

Cambridge provides scheduled and unscheduled maintenance support and services for various rotary and fixed-wing aircraft. We support your mission by providing laboratory and test equipment, vehicles, facility and hangar equipment, air worthiness inspections, and information technology systems. We also supply all required management, certified labor, crew members, and pilots to perform inspections, maintenance, modifications, overhauls, transportation, testing, parts/components manufacturing, and material acquisition and accountability. Cambridge can help you ensure flight schedules are met by providing efficient aircraft maintenance, logistics and procurement, and training services.


  • Our team delivers all rotary and fixed wing aircraft maintenance support services you may need including labor, equipment, tools, and direct and indirect materials.
  • Cambridge provides innovative maintenance support solutions, such as working through in-country repair and maintenance facilities, which save you time and money.
  • Our team has experience and can help you create a maintenance management system that complies with OEM, FAA, and PMA standards.
  • We have proven processes to help you achieve consistent and timely organizational, intermediate, and DEPOT-level maintenance, and exceptional Service Life Maintenance Management.
  • Cambridge engineers, pilots, and technicians support IP and maintenance test pilot standardization.
  • We provide specified training courses and maintenance mentorship the meet your specific capability needs.
  • Cambridge instructors and knowledgeable SMEs can provide you with support for mechanic training courses using the Cambridge developed Program of Instructions (POI) and constructed course materials.
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  • Bell Airframe Maintenance
  • CMMS
  • Accredited Calibration and Testing
  • Maintenance Mentorship
  • Organizational, Intermediate, and Depot Maintenance
  • Airframe Transition Support
  • Property Management
  • Aviation Quality Assurance
  • Engineering Support Services
  • Aircraft familiarization/cross-country servicing and securing training

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