Situational Awareness of Emerging Medical Technology

Situational awareness of emerging technologies and understanding of how they can be used to improve healthcare and readiness are critical to Navy Medicine. The technology landscape is quickly changing the way patients expect to interact with and be treated by their medical providers. To enhance Navy Medicine’s organizational knowledge and foster the accelerated adoption of new technologies, Cambridge is providing subject matter expert (SME) support to analyze the current state of medical technologies and aid them in determining which areas of emerging technology should be prioritized for adoption.

Our SMEs support and drive the knowledge and progression of active-duty military members towards a creative and knowledgeable journey. This will allow them to function within the technology supporting not only their profession but being an outlet for all of Navy Medicine. Our team creates avenues that promote and support Navy Medicine use case studies allowing the members to execute proof of concepts that improve the emerging field. Cambridge SMEs have also facilitated a process for members to create video presentations of their entrepreneurial ideas and post them to an internal crowdsourcing platform for review and selection for further development in a Shark Tank-like forum.

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