Navy Cybersecurity Efficiencies

The ability to handle data accurately and efficiently is critical to maintaining the security posture and protecting the information technology business systems to recruit, train, pay, promote, move, retire, and support Navy personnel. Tools commonly used by the Navy and throughout the Department of Defense agencies lack the ability to automate time consuming and repetitive tasks. Cambridge is supporting a Navy customer in reducing the budget needs and project timelines, by implementing tools to automate critical cybersecurity tasks so that they are easier and faster.

We provide two turnkey cyber software solutions, NessViewer and STIGRevolution, to streamline DISA STIGs and Nessus data review. These tools automate repetitive checklist creation, update, and review tasks; allow the customer to get software, port, and vulnerability information from Nessus scans faster and easier; and enable users to work with multiple checklists at once and use custom views to provide quality results.

NessViewer provides common data views that are available at the click of a button, using multiple files, and the results are easily exported to Excel or copied and pasted to PowerPoint presentations. This means tasks that previously could take the team hours to complete now takes minutes, and potential copy paste or counting errors are eliminated.

STIGRevolution provides the team with the ability to load multiple SCAP files and create checklists at the click of a button. In use, we have been able to create 50 checklists from SCAP content in under 10 seconds, a task that would normally take well over an hour or more. Completing checklists for multiple assets is also made easier through STIGRevolution’s checklist feature, which allows users to fill out multiple checklists at one time and copy like results to multiple checklists at once. Misinterpretation of test output often creates dissimilar results, especially in cases where multiple testers are used to test similar assets. Like assets share the same configuration and would normally produce the same results, but mistakes are common. The ability to see the results from multiple assets in one review eliminates this issue, providing greater accuracy in testing.

Implementing these tools has allowed the Cambridge team to provide our Navy customer with efficiencies that have helped the customer realize cost and time savings that are greater than the cost of implementing the tools. The customer has also praised these tools for their ability to ensure tasks are done quickly and correctly the first time.

Navy Cybersecurity Efficiencies
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