Systems Engineering and Integration

Cambridge delivers systems engineering and integration services that bring together technologies, hardware, and software to create effective solutions that satisfy your operational needs and help you be more agile and efficient. Our services include requirements development, architecture development, system integration, and risk management. Our experts provide turn-key solutions for new requirements and upgrade solutions compatible with existing command and control, communications, and surveillance system assets.


  • Cambridge has proven experience providing intuitive, reliable solutions for establishing critical communications in disaster-stricken, hostile, and other geographically-challenging locations. When disaster strikes you can call on us for quick, reliable, and cost-effective solutions that meet the most dire needs.
  • We offer custom engineering for mobile C4ISR solutions that cater your on-site command and control needs.
  • Our team has specialized expertise and can help you integrate various communication systems and applications including decision support tools, video teleconferencing, and other collaboration tools within secure environments that meet the exacting standards of the intelligence community and Standard 705-1.
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  • Requirements and architecture development
  • Process engineering
  • Configuration management
  • Verification and validation
  • System integration and test phase
  • Early system check-out and initial operations
  • Systems development lifecycle implementation
  • Support to operations
  • Readiness and transition to operations
  • Program and project planning
  • Program management
  • Technology planning
  • Risk management
  • Quality assessment
  • Security and accreditation
  • Modeling and simulation
  • C4ISR engineering
  • Systems analysis
  • COTS and legacy systems integration
  • Emerging technology evaluation and integration
  • Digital transformation, modernization, and optimization

Case Studies

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System Engineering for Mobile On-Site Command and Control

When emergency situations arise, there is an urgent need for intuitive, reliable critical communications systems for leadership to remotely manage…

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