AdaptiBridge is a customizable maintenance support, maintenance quality assurance, and supply chain management system that can be tailored to complement your internal processes, meet your organization security requirements, and optimize your operation through automation, transparency, and efficiency. AdapitiBridge is a web-based, Software-as-a-Service, computerized maintenance management system that works by storing asset data, automating work order and request processes, monitoring equipment using predictive maintenance, scheduling maintenance work and resources, recording inventory levels, tracking purchase and delivery status, and providing management with reports in order to make data-driven decisions. Data-driven decisions enable efficiency and confidence – two elements that every successful enterprise needs today.


  • Can be configured and integrated into a tailor-made solution to meet your unique needs
  • Maintains all budget and financial reporting data for your organization, interacting with your other financial systems as needed
  • Maintains historical cost data of equipment, projects, and missions for preparing procurement projections and realistic budget requests
  • Manages program property compartmented into warehouses depending on property classification
  • Manages the acquisition of materials and services and tracks the status of all acquisitions through their life cycle
  • Provides planning, registration, and monitoring functions to manage the maintenance of physical spaces, machinery, and equipment
  • Can be configured to accommodate the different maintenance order classes of your organization, such as scheduled maintenance, tools, calibration, unforeseen maintenance, technical bulletins and directives, etc.
  • Provides inventory sales and distribution management including planning and preparation of delivery, transportation, and billing to customers

Implementation and Training

Cambridge provides comprehensive implementation and training support for AdaptiBridge. Our IT implementation team handles all aspects of the software configuration and roll out. They have a comprehensive understanding of backend DB, SAP, and software capability requirements, and they facilitate the transfer of data between systems as needed. Our team can also provide user training, training planning, training materials, technical oversight during daily use, and helpdesk support for questions.

Case Studies

Explore the latest Cambridge AdaptiBridge case studies.

Proven Performance at the Regional Helicopter Training Center (RHTC)

Proven Performance at the Regional Helicopter Training Center (RHTC) In June 2016, Cambridge was contracted to provide the full range…

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