System Engineering for Mobile On-Site Command and Control

When emergency situations arise, there is an urgent need for intuitive, reliable critical communications systems for leadership to remotely manage response operations. Cambridge understands this need for robust, durable turn-key solutions and solution upgrades that are compatible with existing command and control system assets. Our expert engineering and integration personnel design, fabricate, and deliver ruggedized mobile emergency operations centers (MEOC) that are equipped for deployment to disaster-stricken, hostile, and other geographically-challenging locations.

Our MEOCs, which have been deployed to one of our partner nation customers as part of U.S. humanitarian efforts, consist of heavy-duty Chevrolet Suburbans modified to house a suite of communications equipment, a trailer to deploy power-generation equipment, and a ruggedized deployable communications package. An essential component of the MEOCs is the remote-control land-mobile radio console that enables a simultaneous satellite-based radio line with one or all deployed MEOCs. This capability allows our customer to directly manage and control remote emergency operations. The MEOCs were designed to operate using either their robust dual vehicular batteries or their shore-power system that can connect to commercial power or the MEOC generator. This power versatility ensures that the MEOCs are always energized and ready for deployment whenever our customer is faced with an urgent need for critical communications.

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