Narcotics Mission Support and Training

Integrated technical, operational, and training mission support services are required to ensure continuous operations and counter narcotics mission success. Cambridge works with our customers to provide local narcotics police personnel with specialized training in the doctrine and tactics of narcotics-interdiction operations. Cambridge’s mobile training team, which includes U.S. personnel and local nationals with many years of law enforcement experience, provides classroom and infield training that integrates local area-specific criminal justice compliance requirements with current U.S. doctrine for detection, search, and seizure of narcotics.

In support of one of our Latin American partner nation customers, Cambridge has trained over 3,000 students from more than 50 law enforcement agencies. The training emphasizes safe, ethical, and effective conduct of narcotics-interdiction operations including instruction in human rights, force continuum, and reporting skills. Reinforcement of training is applied through daily verbal and practical quizzes, mock scenes, and a final infield exercise. The infield experience is essentially on-the-job training, as students attend actual drug seizures and observe live application of the techniques taught in the classroom. Upon completion of training, a student wrote to his Cambridge instructor saying, “I would like to thank you for the knowledge taught in the course… the fruits have started to be harvested in the weeks following the course, we arrested nine people and seized over 20 kilos of cocaine.”

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