Intelligence Operations Support

In the age of big data, the ability to carefully parse through vast quantities of information to collect meaningful and actionable intelligence is critical to global intelligence operations. Cambridge’s experienced, combat-proven intelligence specialists have the skills to harvest and process raw intelligence into written, detailed, and actionable packages. Our team is supporting a joint effort between our U.S. military and coalition partner customers by providing information operations, open source analysis, counter narcotics analysis, and threat finance/drug financing reporting.

Our analysts maintain intelligence project operations on a 24×7 basis, providing around-the-clock analysis of narcotics traffic and networks including processing, production, and transportation using all source intelligence, trend analysis, and financial intelligence methodology. They provide intelligence estimates, operate and maintain a searchable database of CNT intelligence, and prepare reports on criminal activities that pose threats to safe and secure environments. They also create target packages on high value targets and organizations involved in narcotics and illicit trafficking. Our Cambridge team liaises with law enforcement and intelligence elements and participates in exchanges with joint, allied, and coalition intelligence organizations, providing situational awareness of political, economic, diplomatic, criminal, and terrorism-related developments. Cambridge analysts have been praised for their support being “of immeasurable importance” and one of our customers commended them saying that “through their efforts, several new narcotics smuggling networks have been uncovered.”

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