Cloud Infrastructure for Crisis Collaboration

Coordination and decision-making during a crisis is the most difficult and important requirement for achieving successful outcomes in an emergency situation. Our innovative use of cloud infrastructure is remaking the rules of collaboration in a crisis. Cambridge is providing a scalable, public-facing emergency management and preparedness system for one U.S. customer that will allow many federal agencies; state, local, tribal and territorial governments; and non-governmental organizations to collaborate for improved decision-making in response to a crisis.

The environment is built on the Amazon Web Service Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) hosting environment using custom analytical big-data applications and collaboration tools. The cloud-based system supports scenario-based exercises and simulations aligned with public laws, regulations, and policies. The streamlined applications and infrastructure resources dynamically scale to meet demand based upon the scenario complexity and number of participants. These applications are deployed to create collaboration for improved decision-making regardless of the hazard scenario or jurisdiction.

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