Aviation Logistics and Operations Enhancement

The ability to efficiently and cost effectively manage aviation logistics is critical to overcoming challenges and maintaining continuous operations. Issues such as customs clearance delays, compressed transition timeframes, insufficient supply support, and parts shortages and discontinuations can lead to costly losses in productivity. Cambridge helps support our partner nations and deployed U.S. forces by providing expert aviation logistics support that mitigates operations interruptions and maximizes productivity.

For one U.S. customer, Cambridge performs complete international aviation logistics and operations support including ongoing and emerging supply, storage, transport, distribution, facility administration, construction management, maintenance, and other logistics needs. Our logistics team also expertly manages the customs clearance process and adheres to ITAR requirements for the import and export of controlled goods to receive, nationalize, and process cargo. Our team has procured and transported over 2,000 cargo items expeditiously by carefully planning consolidated shipments, which provide the best use of the transportation funds without affecting the operation. Our team also negotiated favorable freight rates resulting in average transportation and insurance costs of around 1% of the total cargo cost – a remarkable achievement when compared to other programs with average shipping costs of 10-18%. Additionally, we employ a first-in, first-out rotating stock approach to comply with shelf-life and serviceability consideration. We perform monthly 10% general item and 100% sensitive item inventories and are responsible for all physical, periodic, sensitive item, causative research, and special inventories.

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