Agile Development for Law Enforcement Systems

The ability for multiple Federal Government agencies to share real-time information about commodities entering the U.S. via border entry points is critical to the deployment of common vetting and validation procedures that help to maintain our national security and trade secrets. Cambridge is supporting a Federal Government customer in modernizing, enhancing, refactoring, and maintaining the critical law enforcement systems that are used at every border entry route of the U.S. We provide Agile development and sustainment support for the applications that process duties, tariffs, and fee collections. Combined, these systems and applications provide timely and accurate information about how each commodity has entered the U.S. and which shipments should be targeted for further analysis to keep “suspect shipments” out.

We use Agile processes and tools in an integrated DevOps environment. This Agile approach has allowed our customer to reduce staff by 63%, allowed Cambridge to deploy functionality 88% more quickly, and reduced system outages by 75%. We also performed trend analysis and investigate multiple layers of datafiles to identify actionable intelligence. Our team’s hard work and dedication has resulted in significant victories including the identification of digital fingerprints of a domestic smuggling ring that was trafficking illegally at multiple points on the U.S. border.

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