Adaptable FMS Training to Partner Nations

In-person and virtual trainings are required to bolster the mission-critical capabilities and capacities of our partner nations. To administer effectively, advanced logistical planning and the ability to anticipate changing requirements and develop contingency plans are essential. Cambridge understands these needs and draws on our experienced program management abilities to deliver adaptable and impactful training courses.

Even when faced with global challenges of the highest magnitude due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our seasoned team was able to confront the complex obstacles poised, coordinate multiple stakeholder requirements, and adapt the instructor travel plans, course schedule, and in-person classroom setup to safely and successfully deliver FMS training to Hungarian soldiers. The training was administered in classroom and outdoor settings and conducted in accordance with the program of instruction and lessons plans, and included a pre-assessment survey, final exam, course critiques, and signed certificates of completion.

Outdoor Training Setup
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