Cambridge Praised by US Army South, USSOUTHCOM, and Colombian Military Customers for Exceptional Aviation and Base Operations Support

The Cambridge base operations support team at the Forward Operating Site in Apiay, Colombia was recently praised by the Task Force Commander, Captain Landen Ellyson, for exceptional service, responsiveness, and efficiency. The customer commended the team for being “experts in all aspects of logistics planning,” having “open and effective communications,” and “being astute at solving issues before they become unmanageable problems.” Captain Ellyson also stated “I have lost count of the amount of times the Cambridge Team has gone above and beyond to assist us with host nation coordination, logistics, and welfare,” and added that “the whole Cambridge team has taken phenomenal care of both personnel and facilities.”

Cambridge provides base operations support including logistics management, grounds and facility maintenance, janitorial service, loading and unloading of aircraft, property accountability, and administrative support at the Apiay Air Base. Our mission is to support the US Government and partner nations in addressing their national security and capacity building needs. We design and deliver products and services that protect our borders and create a safer world, which is why we are so proud of our latest Contractor Performance Assessment Report (CPAR) for the Apiay program which states that our “high-quality services” and “performance significantly contributes a positive impact on the soldiers’ well-being in order to successfully accomplish their missions.”

Our work providing high-quality flight operations and aircraft maintenance support at the Regional Helicopter Training Center (RHTC) on the Lieutenant Colonel Luis F. Pinto Parra Air Base in Melgar, Colombia is another example of how we have worked to further our mission of partner nation capacity building. Our RHTC team developed and implemented a computerized Cambridge Maintenance Management System (CMMS) to facilitate the transition from a military aviation program to a multifaceted OEM and FAA-compliant maintenance aviation program, processes, and procedures. In addition, they implemented the SAE AS9110 standard in record time with minimum impact to the RHTC’s daily operations. “A major challenge found during the transition dealt with corrosion affecting aircraft parts,” said Robert Garcia, the site’s Program Manager at the RHTC. “The team concentrated a significant amount of effort removing the corrosion, treating the parts with corrosion preventive compound, applying preservation processes, and developing and implementing a whole new way of storing aircraft parts to preserve their airworthiness,” said Mr. Garcia. Our success in overcoming challenges to deliver the best possible outcome for our USSOUTHCOM and Colombian Military RHTC customers earned us praise for our quality management and superior performance.

Cambridge takes pride in our team’s commendable work that furthers both our corporate mission and the mission of our customers. We adhere to the highest standards of service for all our customers and have been able to achieve such successes in the 40+ countries where we have worked by complying with industry best practices, following all Government regulations, and maintaining corporate memberships and professional networks that allow us to provide our customers with superior service regardless of operating constraints. Cambridge is an AFCEA, CDCA, GTSC, SSPC, and WID Member. We have leveraged these memberships and current knowledge of best practices to apply the most proactive and thorough methods of operation across all our programs and projects.

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