Cambridge MEOCs enhance Chile’s disaster preparedness

An 8.2-magnitude earthquake hit Chile’s northern coast on April 1, causing landslides, power outages and the deaths of at least six people. Cambridge extends its sympathies to families who lost loved ones.

Chile’s emergency responders are well prepared to respond to disasters. After a devastating 8.8-magnitude earthquake shook Chile in 2010, the U.S. Army’s Humanitarian Assistance Program Office sponsored a project to supply 11 mobile emergency operations centers (MEOCs) to Chile’s Emergency Office (ONEMI). Cambridge helped design the MEOCs and trained ONEMI personnel how to operate and maintain them. ONEMI personnel demonstrated their ability to operate the MEOCs in harsh environments with limited resources.

When disaster strikes, communication is critical. Each MEOC includes a heavy-duty Chevrolet Suburban modified to house a suite of communications equipment, a trailer to deploy power-generation equipment and a deployable suite of communications equipment able to reach the most devastated areas.

The MEOCs give ONEMI personnel the ability to immediately deploy to an affected area, a local command-and-control (C2) capability and the ability to communicate with headquarters and other MEOCs. The ability of remote C2 centers to communicate directly with headquarters and among themselves creates an essential network of support and communications.

The Suburbans were modified to furnish a shore-power system capable of connecting to existing commercial power or a generator that can operate the MEOC for up to 48 hours without being recharged. This power versatility assures that communication systems are always energized and readily available wherever they are deployed. A MEOC trailer houses a portable tactical communications package that extends the MEOC’s C2 to areas where a vehicle can’t reach. The portable communications package includes a portable broadband satellite terminal, a satellite phone, an ALE-capable HF backpack radio, a foldable solar-power panel and portable land-mobile radios.

The Chilean government’s MEOCs are strategically positioned in Chile for rapid deployment to disaster-stricken areas. When disaster strikes, ONEMI is ready to respond.

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