Cambridge develops communication solutions to combat illicit trafficking

Company chosen by the Headquarters Electronic Systems Center to design and install a SATCOM flyaway system

Cambridge has been selected by the Headquarters Electronic Systems Center (ESC/HSGN) to provide a SATCOM flyaway system to the Joint Inter Agency Task Force-South (JIATF-S) and the AFSOUTH Combined Air Operations Center (CAOC), located in Key West FL and Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, AZ; respectively. This flyaway system possesses associated baseband equipment required to support the transmission of radar data, internet access, and voice communications. The effort is being led by Cambridge’s Systems & Technology Business Unit which is based in Tampa, FL.

The overall objective of this project is to design and install a satellite terminal that can be used to integrate Partner Nation (PN) ground based radars into the Mobile Air Surveillance System (MASS). The MASS currently consists of a series of ground-based radars, host-nation radar systems, and communication nodes. This system provides surveillance and communication capabilities designed to detect and monitor a range of illicit activity including narcotics smuggling and human trafficking. All of the sensor and voice data systems are transmitted over commercial satellite communications channels to JIATF-S and PN command centers, located throughout the Caribbean and Central and South America.

Cambridge will be responsible for the design, procurement, integration, testing and delivery of the SATCOM flyaway system and will be similar to the two existing systems being used in Peru and Dobbins Air Reserve Base. They will also perform operations and management to all terrestrial paths; providing circuit configuration, activation and trouble-shooting/fault isolation in support of the associated land lines and other voice and data communications.

Cambridge International Systems is a woman-owned, disable veteran-owned small business headquartered in Alexandria, VA. The company is a leader in delivering C4ISR solutions to meet the requirements of the U.S. government and partner nations’ most demanding communication, surveillance, intelligence, and security applications. This award recognizes the Government’s confidence in Cambridge’s ability to provide proven technology solutions to meet critical homeland defense and national security needs.

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