Cambridge CEO to Chair Africa Advancement Forum

Yesterday, the Africa Advancement Forum was chartered to bring together thought leaders and experts in the areas of diplomatic, political, ethnic, medical, environmental, and technical infrastructure conditions of the African nations.

The CEO of Cambridge International Systems Inc. (Cambridge), Dr. Kimberly Harokopus, was selected to be the Forum Chairman. As Chairman, Dr. Harokopus will appoint recognized leaders in each of functional areas mentioned above join her as forum members.

The forum will convene biannually for members to discuss trends, conditions, and evolutions affecting the African regions, with a focus on leveraging the intimate and timely expertise of forum members including knowledge of current events, global happenings, and cultural and human rights to foster innovation.

“Cambridge is committed to furthering capacity-building, stability enhancing, and Africa-centric peace support goals. I am proud to service as Chairman of the Africa Advancement Forum and represent Cambridge in an effort to continually improve our ability to support those worthwhile, but difficult, objectives” said Dr. Kimberly Harokopus.

Dr. Harokopus is the founder and chief executive officer of Cambridge International Systems, Inc. Under her direction, Cambridge has gained a strong reputation for providing training, logistics, technical, and construction solutions to meet the most demanding requirements in support of capacity-building, multi-national information sharing, and counter-narcotic terrorism missions. Cambridge is a leader in providing unique solutions to global threats and has delivered in over 30 countries, including austere, conflict ridden environments with high level threats.

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