Making the world safer by transferring knowledge to host-nation partners and U.S. clients

Cambridge specializes in providing customized training solutions that support a variety of mission areas, including counter-narcotics, law-enforcement, public safety and disaster-relief. Our teams of instructors have transferred knowledge, skills and abilities about a broad spectrum of systems and doctrines, including unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) operations, rule-of-law concepts, radar operations, command-and-control management and intelligence-capacity building. Our training solutions have achieved high-impact outcomes for our clients by enabling them to improve their organizational performance.

Cambridge’s programs of instruction (POIs) are customized to obtain maximum acceptance from all levels inside a client organization, from rank-and-file users to senior flag-level leaders. Our internationally focused POIs take into account how a host-nation’s bureaucracy is organized and operates. In addition, Cambridge’s multilingual instructors tailor their instruction methodology based on how partner nation personnel learn. For example, in some host nations Cambridge develops training materials that illustrate all concepts graphically with little to no reliance on text and narrative. In these situations, our instructors implement a very hands-on approach to teaching. In other cases, our training approach is highly detailed and multi-faceted, including live, virtual and constructive training approaches geared toward experienced students who have very specific training objectives. Our mobile training teams travel the globe, delivering instruction within the students’ actionable environment while other trainers and subject matter experts can offer training and education in one or more of our facilities in the U.S., Colombia or Bahrain.

Proven Performance

Chile: Emergency Responders Training
Cambridge supplied 11 mobile emergency operations centers (MEOCs) to Chile's Emergency Office (ONEMI) and trained Chilean emergency responders how to operate and maintain them. Bilingual instructors developed Spanish-language training plans, course materials, operating-and-maintenance manuals and technical manuals. The instruction achieved high-impact results. ONEMI personnel demonstrated their ability to operate the MEOCs' commercial platforms, systems, subsystems, components and equipment in harsh environments, including hot, arid deserts and bitterly cold mountains.

Brazil: Law Enforcement Training
A Cambridge mobile training team trained Federal Police Narcotics personnel in the doctrine and tactics required to detect, search and seize narcotics. Our POI included classroom and practical instruction in various environments and conditions. The mobile training team delivered the training in Portuguese and advised students during interdiction operations at border locations. The course emphasized safe, ethical and effective conduct of narcotics-interdiction operations.